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As a supplier of the background audio system equipment for one of the fastest growing café chains in the UK, KEL know a thing or two about both foreground and background audio.


Whether your application is a bar, restaurant, club or a café we have access to a huge range of products for both AV and audio. From lighting, to audio, to VDJ, we are capable of meeting any requirements or budget.


We are pro dealers for a variety of manufacturers, Electrovoice, BOSE, JBL, ALLEN & HEATH to name but a few. Check out our products page for a more detailed list of manufacturers that we are dealers and distributors for.


As designers and installers for many bars and restaurants give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.


Featured venue:

Bar Nightjar.

Along a parade of everyday morning-to-midnight cafés along the City Road, concealed behind an innocuous doorway, lays a hidden gem.  If you are of the curious type, then step inside and into the wondrous realms of The Nightjar.


The venue serves rare, revived and original cocktails of the highest quality, and live performances from singers and musicians will seduce the audience with classical elegance, from solo artists to swing bands.  It's intimate without being claustrophobic, and the mood combines the glamour and charm of an early 20th century cabaret venue with refined cocktail traditions. Expect some surprising twists, from prohibition and modern classics, to Nightjar’s own creations. .  The Nightjar is located at the Old Street end of City Road, on the just on the outskirts of the City.


The mood - The Nightjar is conceived as a classy, discreet alternative to overcrowded West End bars and flashy nightclubs; a place where discerning drinkers can meet, linger and relax. The Nightjar entices with quality cocktails, attentive service and a vibrant and varied live music programme, and late music nights on the decks. It is subtle and friendly in the style of a true speakeasy.


Enter this subtly lit, decorous space of glinting brass and mirrored friezes.  This harmonious mix of the lavish, the cosy and the quirky offers much to explore.  Come to be mesmerized by the music or to enjoy cocktails, chat and debate.  Settle in a corner in quite possibly the most luxurious under-pavement booths in the city.



In order to meet all the requirements, of what was truly a multipurpose venue, KEL used a variety of products from the whole range of Bose Professional and HiFi products.


Because of the nature and ethos of the venue, the KEL system was designed to blend effortlessly into the decor and not detract away from the main concept for the bar; the music is the key to the venue, and on a visual level the focus should always be that of the performer(s) not big speaker cabinets. With the excellent MA12EX, the extended full-range version of the MA12, Bose were now able to bring together the MA12's renowned feedback rejection and a new level of extended performance to provide a brilliant vocal and musical performance all combined in a sleek vertical column - ideal for Nightjar.


The system is essentially based around the Bose ESP-88 digital matrix mixer, controlling the whole system with built-in system scheduling, presets, mixing, EQ and processing. The system is held together and controlled by the CS16 wall panel – the smallest in the range, but providing more than enough control for the application.


The speaker system is arranged around the Bose MA12EX to provide centralised and focused FULL RANGE performance from the stage when required, and backed-up by a distributed 151SE system around the other seating areas. Whilst the MA12EX forms a very prominent feature to guide your eye to the stage area, the 151SEs are lost amazingly well into the dark ceiling bulkheads. Additional bass augmentation is made by distributed FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass modules lost into the seat bases, to further compliment the discreet nature of the system.


Levels for each are adjusted and controlled depending on the preset selected, such as stage or DJ performance, and background music, meaning that the system operates as a distributed background music system, but shifts its focus to the stage area as required.


City Road, London

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KEL Sound and Vision, UK authorised BOSE Pro Partner. Suppliers, distributors and installers of professional audio visual and sound equipment for Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants and Cafes. Background music, foreground music and live sound. Nationwide UK coverage & Free quotations.

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