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Enfield County School - lower school hall

A recent installation for KEL Sound & Vision is the Enfield County School, Lower School Hall.


This a multipurpose hall that is used for a variety of productions and performances, and required a system that was capable of coping with everything from assembly, to stage productions and even the odd school disco.


Having had various other companies over the years attempt to provide a solution to what is a very lively space, KEL were contacted and the resultant demonstration made it obvious exactly what the solution was to be; the BOSE MA12.


Day to day operation is kept very simple with the BOSE ESP88 and CC64, with the system expanding with the connection of a Soundcraft MPMi mixer for larger events.



Venue details:


Whilst BOSE is generally considered a PREMIUM brand this installation goes to prove that premium doesn't necessarily result in overty high costs when the correct products are chosen for the job; with two simple 2m double stacks of MA12 and a pair of MB4 bass units, only two additional BOSE 302A speakers were requried as rear fills approx 2/3 distance with very little level change over the length of 21m.


Each of the MA12 stacks were installed either side of the stage with the white MB4 bass units hidden under the stairs for a very discreet and secure installation.


Installed with the BOSE ESP88 & CC64 this is an incredibly simple to operate with the CC64 allowing control over a select few inputs that are requried for most day to day uses. Come a large production however, then the supplied Soundcraft MPMi mixer can be plugged in with access to a full stage box of connection points.


Tie lines are provided for special effect or additional high-level microphones, together with two speaker tie lines for stage monitoring if required, all mounted on a custom engraved panel with a simple EDAC connection to the mixer.

System details:


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